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Allevia seamlessly connects to your existing electronic health record (EHR), patient portal, & practice management system (PMS).

Our Approach

Allevia can work with your technology vendors andelectronic health record (EHR) . Alternatively, we have in-house interoperability solution called the Provider Panel to avoid the logistics and costs of full integration.


Learn more about each of Allevia's interoperability capabilities:

Direct EHR Integration

Work with your EHR vendor and IT team for direct data feed integration. Learn more

Provider Panel

Skip the hassle with our free, in-house interoperability solution. Learn more


Skip the hassle with our free, in-house interoperability solution. Learn more

Integrate into the EHR 

without EHR integration

Whether it be about cost savings or avoiding the convoluted integration process, our in-house interoperability solution lets practices transfer data into your EHR on Day 1.

What is the Provider Panel?

The provider panel is as simple as keeping an internet browser tab open. minimalist, intuitive dashboard. 

How it works

Step 1: At the start of the day, a medical assistant can upload the from the EHR into the provider panel. This is how patients in the EHR get connected to the Allevia application.

Step 2: The medical assistant simply clicks one button to notify by text message and email. Can monitor in real-timewhich patients have completed their Pre-Appointment Questionnaire. 

Step 3:

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