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What is Allevia™?
Allevia™ is an EHR plug-in application that automates clinical documentation for healthcare providers by performing clinical-level intake with patients and creating draft clinical notes.

What is Valhalla Healthcare™?
Valhalla Healthcare is a team of healthcare providers and programmers who use advanced technology to deliver the affordable, accessible, and effective healthcare everyone deserves. It is also happens to be the company that owns the Allevia™ app. 

Do patients to download Allevia™ on any devices?
No. There are no downloads required by patients or ancillary staff. The exception is the app may be downloaded onto your EHR via an EHR marketplace as with Epic®'s App Orchard, athenahealth®'s App Marketplace, and NextGen®'s Marketplace.

How is Allevia™ different than the intake or patient portals my EHR provides?
If there's something providers are certain of, it's that EHRs were not built for its practicality in clinical medicine. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, Allevia™ significantly extends the clinical intake provided by the EHR and portal. This AI-based extension of intake makes available the ability to generate EHR notes for providers in advance of patient visits.The result is reduced EHR use time, higher quality notes, optimized billing accuracy, and lower malpractice claims in certain situations.

Can I see a live demonstration of Allevia™ and its features?
Absolutely! Click here to schedule a demo with one of our platform specialists.


What is the purpose of Allevia to providers?
Allevia™'s primary goal is to compose as much of their note in advance so providers can spend less time documenting and more time doctoring. Additionally, . 

Does Allevia™ replace my EHR or patient portal? 
No. Allevia™ does not replace your EHR or patient portal. Instead, Allevia™ plugs into to your EHR and patient portal to provide enhanced clinical-level intake on top of everything else already provided by your current system.


Can Allevia™ act as a stand-alone intake system?
Most EHRs already have patient portals as required by meaningful use. However, if requested Allevia™ can be implemented as a full patient portal solution. Allevia™ has extended features provided by patient portals and collects the following: General Information, Medications, Past Medical History, Social History, Family History,Immunizations, Social & Behavioral Risk Factors, Allergies, and OB/GYN History. To request Allevia™ as a stand-alone intake solution, please contact us at

Does Allevia™ provide diagnoses?
No. Allevia™ never provides recommendations, probabilities, differential diagnoses, assessments or treatment plans; just clinical notes. The app leaves that up to the only individuals trained in providing a final and accurate diagnosis - clinicians.


How does Allevia™ determine what the "right" intake questions are?
Allevia™ is built using evidence-based and epidemiological data sets that harnesses thousands of patient cohorts. Allevia™ rapidly cross-references these data sets with the patient's unique medical history to identify the most significant clinical variables using objective probability measures. And thanks to the underlying machine learning technology, Allevia™'s identification continues to improve with the more patients that use the application.

How accurate is Allevia™?
We estimate the accuracy of intake questions and quality of clinical notes to be at the fourth year medical student to intern range. 

Which clinical specialties can Allevia™ be used for?
Allevia™ currently covers primary care and orthopedics (head-to-toe). Our team provides beta versions capable of covering OB/GYN, Pediatrics, ENT, and General Surgery.

My clinical sub-specialty isn't listed. Can I request a module for my specialty?
Depending on our team's workload and other factors, we're capable of introducing specialty modules on an as-needed basis. For more information, please reach out to us at for additional details.


Which EHRs can you connect to?
We can connect to any EHR. Our integration team is experienced in working with most large and small EHR providers. You can learn more about exactly which EHRs we can integrate here.


How to you transfer data? 
We're able to exchange data through HL7 feeds, FHIR, CCD, C-CDA, JSON, XML, and most custom APIs. 

Which devices can Allevia™ be used on?
Allevia™ can be used on any device that is connected to the internet. This includes personal patient devices such as computers or smartphones and clinic-provided devices such as tablets or kiosks.


Does Allevia™ require any specific operating systems to function (ie: Apple iOS, Android, Windows, etc)?
Allevia™ is operating system-agnostic due to being a web application. Allevia™ is accessible as long as the device is connected to the internet.


How long does it take to integrate Allevia into my practice?
Assuming all parties provide promopt responses, the integration process can take about 30-45 days per location. Some integrations can take longer due to slower responses from EHR providers when new API integrations/customizations need to be established.


Our practice doesn't have any tablets. Can you provide computer tablets?
Yes! We're happy to provide our standard computer tablets pre-loaded with Allevia™ for your practice to use.


Is Allevia™ HIPAA-compliant?
Yes. As healthcare providers ourselves, patient privacy and security mean more to us than just meeting the bare minimum. We invest significant resources not only to meet HIPAA standards but also in proactively implementing our own measures to maximize our cybersecurity protocol. 

Do you ever sell patient data? 
We never sell patient data. Our team strongly believes your data is your property.

Is there any way patient data is used?
We may apply your de-identified data for improving the accuracy of our technology to help your providers deliver better quality care. In some rare cases of specific technical issues, a HIPAA-trained healthcare provider and/or administrator may have to access limited patient health information to resolve the underlying error. 

Where can I find your patient healthcare information authorization agreement?

You can find a copy of our updated PHI Authorization Agreement here.

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